Oops - I left my calendar somewhere

After dumping everything out of my purse and ransacking the car I have to admit it. I have lost my calendar - not just a calendar - my appointment book. I can't believe I have let the long, slim, hot pink book slip through my fingers.

I know exactly where I wrote in it last today - and so I have my fingers crossed that it is on the desk at Montgomery Municipal Cable. After I finished taping my latest story Melissa and I agreed on another taping date and I took out my calendar and wrote it down.

If this seems like a lot of space yacking about a calendar - think about it. After tomorrow I don't know where I am promised to be for storytelling. Man, that's trouble. Trouble for me and whoever might be expecting me.

I am hoping its a simple fix tomorrow.

Three beautiful things today:
1. When I came to tell stories today at the Audubon Pre-school 20 kids ran up to me smiling and calling my name. ready for stories. I was wearing a jacket that has a bit of bright braid and sequins. One five year old stopped beside me, " you look like a rock star, Ellouise." I love it.

2. Stopping by the library and finding The Mistress of Spices, a book Elizabeth Ellis recommended. No wait. It was waiting on the shelf. I sat down and dipped into it immediately. The language is beautiful and the intriguing beginning on page one caught my attention right away. " But the spices are my love. I know their origins and what their colors signify, and their smells. I can call each of them by the true-name it was given at the first, when earth split like a skin and offered it up to the sky. Their heat runs in my blood. From amchur to zafran, they bow to my commands. At a whisper they yield up to me their hidden properties, their magic powers."

I am always glad to start a new book - hoping to meet characters that will capture my imagination and carry me into their world. While I was waiting for assistance I heard the woman in front of me tell the Librarian, " I am coming in more often so that I can cut back on how much I spend buying books." Yes! And aren't we the luckiest folks to have libraries open and inviting us in?

3. Being home with Jim.