Stories in South Duxbury

Three beautiful things:
1. I walked down the road to the near-by cove beach. The tide was beginning to run out-bound, retreating with soft lapping sounds.
Late afternoon light softened all the surroundings. I loved hearing the calls of the water birds and the familiar smell of the grey mucky Atlantic mud.

2. Stories all day. Wonderful storytelling followed by Elizabeth Ellis' wise coaching. Listening, learning, filling up with stories. Knowing each other better.

3. This must be prom night. I looked out the window and saw a group of young couples walking down the road toward their parked cars, girls in short evening dresses wearing fresh corsages, and the young me in tuxes. When they came to a wide grassy area one of the young men, a tall, husky, football player -type wearing a white tux, reached down and picked up his date and carried her across the wet grass to his car. Now that's a memory. Who says chivalry is dead?