Keeping Track - Be Prepared

Three Beautiful Things:
1. Its back!
I called my TV producer first thing this morning and left a heart wrenching message saying I hoped my calendar was somewhere in her studio. She called a couple of hours later to tell me she found it on the floor, under a chair, safe and sound. I thanked her profusely, feeling very relieved not to have to track down all my gigs and appointments for the next few months by making embarrassed phone calls.

So here it is - safely back in my hands. Feels good to know where I have said I will be and when I said I would be there.

Just in case - - I sat down and made two copies of the the calendar. You know - Be Prepared.

And - - remember to enter each new appointment three times.

2. My new blue bottle. On my recent road trip with Kate Dudding we must have been talking about blue bottle trees at one point because Kate told me that it would be easier to gather blue bottles in her area. Saratoga Springs water is sold in blue bottles. Imagine that! Secretly I wondered how I could raid a few dumpsters but there was no opportunity. Perhaps Kate read my mind.

Before we left her house Kate gave me this saratoga Springs water bottle which I stowed safely in my suitcase. One bottle closer to my own blue bottle tree.

3. A sprig or two of parsley.
These are the two kinds of green parsley growing in a pot on our deck. For those who have vegetable gardens and plots to grow things that thrive under their green thumbs this may not look like much. But it's big for me - something I have grown that we can eat.

This is one teeny tiny step celebrating those people who are self-sustainable -

My friend Granny Sue writes about her life on a farm on a ridge in West Virginia where she and her husband Larry grow what they need to eat and raise the rest on four legs or in hen houses and pens.
They are self-sustainable.
On her blog Granny Sue shares the richness of her way of living. I admire and envy her independence and her closeness with nature.

For me, a sedentary city dweller, Safeway is my best hope for the makings of our next meal and I drive my car to get them and then carry them home in a brown paper sack.

This pot of parsley is my salute to Granny Sue and all of you who bring food forth from your own earth.