Miksang - Mindful Seeing

Recently Jim went to his internist for a check-up and I went along. While I was waiting I thumbed through Natural Solutions magazine. When I opened the page to an article by Anne Ford, Turn a Lens Toward Your Life - how snapping photos mindfully can help you find focus,

I was fascinated.

She explained miksang (Tibetan for good eye) and talked about the practice of mindful seeing. Of using your digital camera to help you focus on the world you see.

I connected with the idea immediately - a meditation form of seeing.

This is not new to me. I have been doing it for years - I just never had a NAME for it.
I know the zen of drawing, and other forms of meditation but had not encountered a zen of seeing. Think of it. Combining technology - the digital camera- and meditation.

So my 3 Beautiful things for today:

1. Today when I reconnected in my journal with the word miksang, researching it and experiencing the joy of Goldilocks when she found the little chair that was "just right".

2. Surfing for connections and finding a miksang website.

3. But most exciting of all - discovering more than 1000 "good eye" photographs.

I just had to share this and hope you enjoy the treat in these beautiful photographs of our ordinary world.