The Hello Girls at National World War One Museum October 11

October 11 - The Hello Girls at the National World War One Museum in Kamsas City, MO.

Free to the public - but RSVP required.

If you want to know more about the program
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My lovely plans for last week began to fall apart three days before the week started when I backed into a car in a parking lot. The good news is that no-one was hurt - - but my car was damaged and went into the shop for 10 days.

My sister arrived three days later on the same day Pope Francis was landing at Andrews Joint Base to begin his historic trip to the United States. We expected the city to be flooded with pilgrims and traffic blocked. As it turned out it did not effect us at all. On Tuesday morning daughter Karen and I drove over to pick Kathy up at Reagan Airport in DC.  Karen, like most people who worked in offices downtown, had been asked to work at home during the Pope's visit. Now - that turned out to be a marvelous blessing for us. 

Two days after my fender-bender with the car my back became quite a problem. I could not walk without severe pain.  You see how this is working out. The connectedness of events in our lives pops out when you begin to really look at it. 

That afternoon Kathy and I went to check on the status of my car while Karen took Leia, our little Shih Tzu, to the Vet. There is a back story. 
Several Vets had been working on an infection in her right eye. It was not healing, in fact it was worse. She was scheduled to see an eye specialist. Later that afternoon, as I drove home, Karen called. "You have to make a decision, Mom." We raced to join her and meet with the eye doctor. Damage from the infection out-of-hand. They removed Leia's eye next day. 

Kathy and I had planned a sweet week of talk, fun and several short road trips. Not happening.  

My back was no better - walking painful and difficult. Now Leia in for surgery and care for recovery. Yikes. 

But - perhaps because our plans changed - was a blessing. 

We were not racing from pillar to post so we had time to journey along with Pope Francis thanks to CNN. We saw it all. 

Along with following the commentators along the way.  

It was good. 

Pope Francis has arrived home to Rome safely leaving much for millions to remember and think about.

Now we start a new calendar page - 
My back is improved and continuing to improve. Leia is healing.

Kathy and I have had lots of wonderful sister time together that also included Karen. Kathy goes home tomorrow and I will miss her - lots.

Lists, lists, lists -to prepare for the storytelling schedule ahead in October.

But I know there are changes in me - - - something has touched and warmed my heart and opened my soul to heal. 

There is room for JOY.


Pushing Boundaries Returns - for one performance

Bringing Pushing Boundaries to Tales in the Village September 16. Hope you will check out this link for details.

For Details : Check this Link


A Drive A-long Story - 1

The other night as I was driving over to Alexandria to tell Love Notes I snapped photos with my phone whenever I was stopped at a light or stalled in the 5 PM "going home" traffic. Later when I put up the first two pictures which were taken on Connecticutt Avenue - they worked as story-prompts - which I made into Facebook posts. Decided I wanted to save it - who knows I may go somewhere with this story - in fact I know I will as I have been thinking about it for several years.

Note to explain "waving to Jim"-  Jim is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. 

Jim and I spent a 3 day honeymoon in DC - then moved here in 1968.

I will be ISC Teller in Residence for a wk in September. 



July, 1978

The ERA MARCH, Washington Mall, Washington, DC

More than 100,000 women wearing white - the connection to the women who fought for the Vote - marched in favor of Congress granting an extension on the time given to pass the Equal Rights Amendment.

When the vote was taken that year  theygranted an additional three years.

I was there that day marching with a group under the flag of the Coalition of Women's Arts Organiztions.

It was an exciting, energizing, and hopeful gathering on a very hot and humid Summer day in Washington. We were eyewitnesses to history.

Those days were filled with challenges. The memories of the times and the people are vivid for me
and being a part of the 1970s Women's Movement changed my life.

Pushing Boundaries is my personal story of those days - -

I will be telling PUSHING BOUNDARIES:

2 PM  Thursday  September 10 at the International Storytelling Center, Jonesborough, TN

7:30 PM  Wednesday, September 16, Friendship Heights Village Com. Ctr., Chevy Chase, MD

I hope women will come to hear this story and to remember their own.


WInding Down July and Looking Ahead

So -- July is winding down.
Its been a very full month for me.

There has been the 2015 Capital Fringe and five performances of The Hello Girls,
my 79th birthday - which has not fully settled in yet, and the blasted heat that falls on Washington every July and August.

There have also been a few decisions to agonize over - like should I drive to Jonesborough or take a plane. I finally decided to drive. I will be there for a week and to settle in, work and be happy I want to have my laptop, ofcourse, and my printer too. For me, its always a good idea to set up a small office in the hotel room - keeps me feeling comfortably at home where-ever I am. Do you do that?
And - - just saying - - driving keeps me from changing planes in Atlanta on Labor Day week-end.

Trips are better for me if I take my toys with me. First the office supplies that I need to keep my business underway. Fortunately with laptops and iPads, files stored in Drop-box, and books on my Kindle, I don't have nearly as much to pack as I used to that's true, and it leaves space to put in my familiar quilt - - jus saying.

Astrology says that a "Cancer" is a home-body and I run true to that description but I also like to go places, meet people and see the world. So - toys help me go, go, go.

There is a lot of travel in store for me until December. September I have the week in Jonesborough telling five shows at the International Storytelling Center and then another drive across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to tell the Arlington Story in Bridgeville, DE which will be followed by a couple of days on a sister-trip to Staunton, VA with my sister, Kathy. We are staying at an intertesting B and B so that we can tour, the town see a Shakespeare play and re-visit the Woodrow Wilson home.

The Hello Girls story keeps my head focused a lot of the time on the WWI period. When Jim and I visited the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library we did not see the exhibit of WWI trenches ---
have you seen them? This is the discription on the website - "Immerse yourself in the new, state-of–the-art World War I trench exhibit complete with lights and sound to experience what life was like for soldiers as they engaged in battle. See authentic weapons and uniforms as you discover the unforgettable story of the doughboys." Don't want to miss that.

In October I will be telling The Hello Girls at the National World War One Museum and Memorial -
makes sense to me to see the trenches in Staunton - and then see more and more about "the Great War" when I get to the museum.

Late October I will be in Anderson, SC telling The Hello Girls at the Starburst Storytelling Festival along with four Flesh on Old Bones Workshops - all good to me.

November 13 The Hello Girls and I will be in Hagerstown, MD for the Maryland State BPW Meeting.

Then I go to California to visit with my daughter Robin and I suspect we will use some of that time to do more of the sleuthing about a group of the first Hello Girls that  we started last August.

I love this kind of research - its the Putting Flesh back on Old Bones and making stories as we go along. What's not to love?????


A Gardinia and a Bit of WWI History.

Two surprises today.

The first is this  - -

The bud which had a tightly closed fist, ot showing any petals, for a few weeks, has bloomed.  Lovely soft white petals and a pungent sweet fragrance that brings back many memories.
But more - this feels like a hug from Jim - a gift for the mid-run performance tonight of The Hello Girls. A hug I have needed.

And the second -

received this selfie from my son Jim this morning. In Paris for a few days on business he took took the time to find the Hotel Petrograd on Rue des Naples - the YWCA hotel where the Hello Girls stayed on their first nights in France.

Tired they fell deeply asleep and were rudely awakened several hours later by the screaming air raid sirens. They spent the rest of the night in the air raid shelter in the basement. Next morning they saw a pile of rubble across the street which had been a building when they walked into their hotel.

The bombed building across the street was rebuilt in 1926.

Today when I tell The Hello Girls at the Capital Fringe I know have a real-time image of that time and place during WWI.

Thank you, Jimmy.

I am so grateful for these and all the other blessing in my life.