Taking a long view

I am writing two posts about these 1954 photos of Johns Hopkins Hospital in the snow, as I think about using pics for prompts for story.

This link will take you to the other post.

 Jim's father was an avid photographer in California when photography was the number one hobby and profession. Jim learned from him - both with still photography and movies.

Jim arrived in Baltimore for medical school with several good range finder cameras his father gave him but not enough money to buy film and develop the images. I am happy we have the few images we do have.  With the ease of digital photography today its sometimes easy to forget it wasn't always that simple or inexpensive.

Jim was particular about documenting the photos and leaving clues of time, location and other notes.
Gives you a way into the story.
I learned that from Jim.

It is the heart of  my ALBUM Story.

This time last year I was writing about a calendar I found in a large plastic tub of souvenirs.  HERE


A Little Bit of Luck

In case you are wondering what's going on with these links. I am playing with another blog post on my website. It is part of my New Year's planning - how much can I do and where I should do what. Since I have written on this blog for about ten years it is hard to disconnect from it - so I am testing myself - 

Happy New Year!!! Wishing everyone good fortune and happiness for 2015 - - hoping it will circle back to me too!

Had a bit of luck on New Years Day.
Read about it HERE.http://ellouiseschoettler.com/a-bit-of-luck-on-new-years-day/

December 30 was what would have been Jim's and my 59th wedding anniversary. I wrote a bit about it.
In case you would like to catch up with the past few days: Read it HERE


The Unexpected - -

On Christmas Day Karen and I drove to Williamsburg expecting to spend a few pleasant days in a familiar place. If I had had any qualms at all it was because Jim and I enjoyed many visits there during the past 20 years.

The weather was perfect - sunny and warm. We arrived early. Karen and I strolled down the main street of Historic Williamsburg so that I could gather some new photos of the traditional fresh Christmas decorations.

We checked in at Powhatan Plantation and I wrote my Christmas Greeting before we went to the movie - The Imitation Game. 

Read my Christmas Greeting HERE.

We came back -

And I snuggled into bed. Tired.


At 3 am I roused, alarmed. Body alerting me.
Stomach attach.
From then on I vomited every 30 minutes for the next 6 hours -

I did not leave my bed until a day later.

Karen drove home, exhausted, from 36 hours as the nurse on duty.

Today we are enmersed in the Harry Potter Marathon and grateful for full diversion.

I have been asking myself what? how? why? Where did this come from -

I don't know for sure but I have a few guesses -

I had just flown to California on a surprise quick trip when Jim's brother died - glad to be there - It had meant so much to Jim for Tom and his wife to come out to see him to say "good-bye." This was a large family gathering of a wide extended family - and I was very glad to be among them for the good-bye to Tom.

Time with my daughter and her family. Great to see her three young men. And, to spend time with Robin and her husband, Brad. And to have a visit with some special friends.

A long flight back - with many young kids on board - arriving after 11PM.  Very tired and grateful my son was there to collect me.

So, many points of exposure for some unexpected stomach attack.

Or was it a well-timed "stop" - - - catch your breath - before the New Year.



VIDEO - The Door Story

This is one of my favorite family Christmas Stories.


What About Time?

Just saying - - - 

What is it about time?
How can a long time seem like yesterday?
Or  - -
sometimes it feels like years to get through the next five minutes?

Once 50 years seemed like such a long time in the distance- -
now 50 years marks milestones which feel very close.

Today is one of those long ago but close anniversaries for me -

Gretchen Marie Schoettler
b. November 10, 1961
d. December 13, 1964

Is it really 50 years ago - - -

We have a long history with Arlington National Cemetery.

What makes the difference -
in how you are feeling the time?

whether you are looking ahead

or looking back?


NEW VIDEO: My Sister Kathy and The Thrifty Tailor

My sister called and prompted a new story.

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