Home Again, Home Again

We crossed the Mohawk River when Kate drove me to the airport bright and early on this sunny morning. After four such good days I hated to hug Kate good-bye but it was time to go home.
I had time to lollygag in the airport - look at the art on the walls, make phone calls, and peruse all the books in the shop. Nice, slow time to transition from the heady storytelling work-shop week-end back to "real life"

The flight with Southwest Air Lines
from Albany to Baltimore was quick, one hour, and smooth except for a few bumps on landing. Jim was waiting at baggage - hugs and smiles. He was holding a tall, iced diet coke from the near-by sandwich bar. Sunshine all around.

Until -

On the tall escalator up to the parking deck Jim, just ahead of me, tripped on a suitcase and toppled over, flat on this face on the moving staircase. A startling sight. I reached to grap hold of him but he was out of reach. He grabbed the hand rail to pull himself back up, instead the next thing I saw it looked as though he had flipped feet over his head - trying to regain standing. Two men behind me pushed past me and rushed forward to assist him. By this time they had all reached the top of the escaltor and Jim landed in a sitting position on the floor.

"Jim, Jim, are you all right?" I called out. Trying to keep my own balance, I walked up toward him. "Yes," He reached for his head - and then we all saw the blood staining his white hair bright red. The men, Southwest Air Lines folks, called for back up and paramedics. Someone handed Jim paper towels which he held to his head as a compresion bandage. I lifted the towel and moved his hair aside - a clean, deep cut, like a knife slice, where the razor sharp teeth on the edge of the escalator stair had clipped his head.

No other wounds. No torn clothing. No choking. None of the other horror stories you hear about such accidents.

Within ten minutes Jim was surrounded by efficient, friendly, and concerned policemen, Fire department paramedics and security guards. The paramedics applied a pressure bandage and an ice pack and wrapped it all together like a gauzy turban..

The decision was for me to find the car - remember I had not parked here - and take him to Surburban Hospital near our house - for stitches and a tetanus shot.

By the time I found the car and circled back there had been lots of male bonding and conversation and Jim and all were laughing like old friends. I can't say enough about the response and attention Jim received. Quite a homecoming. Not at all what we expected.

After a half hour ride Jim was checked in at the Emergency Room. Head injuries are "fast tracked" so in short order he was on his way for a head scan and then a very competent woman, the physician's assistant on duty, stapled him back together.

Feeling grateful, we drove home, unloaded the car and to tell you the truth, took a nap.

From Albany to Baltimore to home - - not eactly the story I expected to tell - but one with a happy ending.


Kate Dudding said...

Dear Ellouise,

Yet again another unexpected adventure... Sigh. Hope you're both feeling well today.


Granny Sue said...

Good grief, Ellouise. I am glad Jim is all right. It's good he's so active--but even so I bet he's sore today. Give that man a hug for me, and get a glass of wine for you!

Joe said...

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