Wednesday - Speakeasy and more storytelling

Speakeasy Last Night

Great program at Speakeasydc last night. Full house for a variety of tellers and strong stories. I was happy to be in the line-up.
VA teller Kim Weitkamp started the evening with a new story - well told and received. Enthusisatic audience response for her story.

Mid-program Geraldine Buckley took the stage and brought down the house with a rousing and funny story from her childhood in Great Britain. I have already asked her to kick off the next season at Kensington in September. If you are in this area - don't miss it.

Always such fun to be at the Speakeasy and reconnect with storytellers and the wonderful folks who support Speakeasy.

More storytelling:
Tomorrow I tell Stories for Seniors and then Friday and Saturday I will be one of the tellers for a small story-fest in Hagerstown, MD. Great chance to play with stories and storytellers. Jim and I will stay at our PA place and commute over which gives us a chance to check on things at the house.

Next week I begin the intense focus on the Fringe and my Pushing Boundaries story. And I mean sole focus - serious work!

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Travelin'Oma said...

Focusing solely on something is intense. Good luck! Did you really write soap operas? Now that's crazy storytelling!