Monday - Working on My Story

I am working on my story
for the July 2010 Capital Fringe.
Pushing Boundaries -
the tales of how I morphed
from a 1950s housewife
to a national activist
for the
Equal Rights Amendment

Its not about statistics
and vote counts.
It is about Sisterhood.

It is about how untrained women
in particular me
became involved
and worked hard
to achieve fairness for women
under the law.

And in the process
learned and grew
changed and found themselves
through the struggle.

About a time when people worked together
celebrities and the anonymous
reached out to each other
to achieve a common goal
because they believed in something.

It's true.
It's funny.
It's history.

You will be hearing about it here
as I remember more details
sharpen the shape of the story
tweak the laughs
because it is funnier today than it was when I was living it.

Isn't that the way of story.

If you are in the Washington, DC area I hope you will come to hear it.
Send your daughters.
They need to know
particularly if you have a story from the time.

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