Stories in Focus with Kim Weitkamp

We taped Stories in Focus today with Kim Weitkamp as the featured guest. It was as much fun as I expected it would be.

My Director stepped up to take a few informals to record the taping.

I have learned to expect the unexpected from Virginia storyteller Kim Weitkamp and so it goes.

We taped a colorful, lively conversation. Kim talks candidly about her life as a traveling national storyteller. She further shares some important tips for other storytellers.
And - a major highlight - she shares one of her touching stories in a fine telling - demonstrating why bookings are keeping her on the road.

For Montgomery County residents the show will air beginning next week: Wednesdays, 9 PM, Channel 16
For others - I will post it here on the blog in June.


Mr. Fringey says: said...

Didn't I see you at the Walmart photo booth today? ;)

Kim said...
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kim weitkamp said...

You know, on that last photo it looks like a halo by my head! But of course it is...