Treasure on a Shelf

I had forgotten about this box.

It has been sitting on a shelf in the studio since 1998. Twelve years - waiting - for me to get back to it.

Since the 1970s I have initiated collaborations with other women as part of my artwork. This was one I started in 1997 that went off track.

I wrote to women who had been a special part of my life and asked for a bead and a story. To make an "album necklace".

And many responded. They sent me a bead - and a bit of a story. I have beads from my aunts, my daughters, long-time friends, mentors, artists and special ERA partners.
All who peopled my journey with love, friendship and wisdom.

I don't remember now what came up - what got in the way so that I did not make the necklace then - you now how those things go.

I packed all the envelopes into this box and set it on a shelf.
To be done later.

Now - is the later.

As I work on Pushing Boundaries - I am going through old papers and boxes - and I found the "bead-box" again.

And - its just what I need - now - for this story.

Serendipity at work!

But there is more to do - photographing, documenting, and then stringing the beads.

As I do this work -
I am so aware of the way our life-circles keep growing -
in that twelve years new people have come into my life
enriching me and my story by their being part of it.
So, the lesson is

Add more beads

Keep the circle open.

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Anonymous said...

Boy, did this touch me and how wonderful that you can put your story together now. For many years a MD friend and I have done collaborate art/writing, both being artists. When I moved to AZ it was/is how we keep our creative connection. If I wasn't taking off for MT in 4 days, I'd be digging through my boxes right now! SG