Graduation 1972

May 1972.
Dunbarton College of the Holy Cross
Washington, DC

Afterwards Jim takes this picture of me and our kids,
Karen, Robin and Jimmy. I can tell you I was the only member of the graduation class surrounded by her children.

I have been thinking about these days a lot as I work on the story I am telling at the DC Capital Fringe.

When I decided to go back to college in 1968 I chose this small Catholic girls school because I was intimidated by the larger colleges in the Washington area and did not even apply. I remember thinking it reminded me of my Catholic childhood in NC and that it would be a safe harbor as I struck out into a new world.

How could I have forseen that on this quiet campus I would be drawn into the student-protests of the era, encounter feminism in Dunbarton's first Women's Studies Class, and be introduced to the new Women's Artists Movement.
All the stepping stones that led me forward as my career progressed.

I guess its only with hindsight that we can see how the pieces fit together.

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