Thursday - Italian surprise and stuff

A nice surprise. Our grand-daughter Alison is in Sicily - a William and Mary summer semester. Today she sent the link for her new Italy-blog Italison. No surprise that I am really delighted she has chosen to blog her Italy-stories and share them.

Did you see the gorgeous moon last night? Looked like a painting.

Loving our deck these days. Five years ago we had to have all the large shubs removed and we lost the privacy for our out-doors living. Now the replacements have grown-up enough to give us our deck-room back. The deck has been cleaned and re-stained. Jim washed the table and chairs and with Wi-Fi - its an outdoors office - near the bird feeder. Nice!

The tv pictures of the Louisiana Coast are heartbreakers. And we can't even imagine the full impact of this disaster. Leaves me breathless.

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