Day Four - 37 Day Challenge, Mea Culpa on March Birthdays

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1. 37 Days Challenge Report - Day Four. I think I am understanding something about me and this challenge to myself to exercise. It is a tug of war between me and the computer.
To exercise I have to move away from the clicking keys that I love. I have to move more parts of my body than my fingers. I have to stand up and move.
This may sound obvious and silly to you - but I have to say it out loud into the room so that the words will come back to me. I have to hear myself say - get up.
I work hard every day - mostly on the computer - researching stories, keeping up with several email accounts, promoting my storytelling, making plans, rewriting, and writing on the blog, altering photographs for art work etc., etc., etc. You get it. I lose track of time. Do you do that?
And now - some say its important to get on the band wagon with Social Media. I find it fascinating. I want to. I am. But I also do that sitting down.
Back to Patti - and choices. That's why I signed on for this challenge. To see what I do. To make ordinary moves count.
Just so you know. Before I sat down for this - I did 6 squats - picking up stuff off the floor so that could get to the computer. I am finding my way.
2. Mea Culpa - March Birthday List
Its the last day of March. I have been so caught up in Jim's surgery and recovery that I completely let birthdays slide. I try to remember, I really do. This list is family from genealogy, today family and friends. I used to keep it more up-to-date - here is what I have in my old Birthday Book.
So before the month slides away - Happy Birthday to:
March 2. Gus Keasler, b. 1885 - Mama's daddy.
March 3. S.L. Diggle, Jr. - Uncle Lewis - daddy's oldest brother - b. 1911
March 4. Jane Thornill Cobb - CHS Class of 54 - one of the fabulous Big 5
March 5. Alive Shaffer Hall - b. 1853 - Granny's mother
March 5. Narcissus Howard Keasler - b. 1857 - Gus Keasler's mother -
March 7. June Wayne - fabulous woman artist - friend and mentor
March 10. Chrisine Keasler Bidwell - b. 1895 - Gus' sister.
March 12. Bill Mason, CHS54, dear friend.
March 15. Betsy Villas White - from Girl Scouts to today - well-loved friend
Betsy - we have talked all through this and I forgot. mea culpa, mea culpa.
March 19. Hal Schoettler, Jim's father
March 20. Kit Duncan - Tut Diggle Duncan's son, cousin, world traveler
March 26, Sandra Hutchins Hogan, Mary Cobb Diggle's daughter, special cousin
March 26. J. Earnest Grose, b. 1880, Aunt Annie's youngest brother
March 28. Henry Smith, Jr. Lynda's son - my nephew -
an unsung hero - an EMT
I have a feeling I have missed people. If you know someone is not on this list please let me know.

3. Back to Verizon.
I tell the people who answer the phone whether they are in Bombay or the US - "this is not personal to you - but I hate your company."

Did you quess? Our internet is still in and out and our land lines are crackling so that the only way we can have a satisfactory conversation is to use our cell phones. I bet the only thing that works with them this month is that their bill will come on time.

Yesterday Verizon called to check "on your service." Jim answered the phone. He came to tell me to talk to them. I refused. They wanted us to go back through their computer drill again so they could "fix" it.
"Tell them to forget it. We have done that 4 times. They can't fix it and I will not spend another minute on the phone with them"
Jim took his turn and he talked with them and you know what - they gave him a month of free dial-up service for our inconvenience. That's to replace our "high speed internet." What a joke.
He says I have developed an "attitude" - exactly.

I talked to Verizon Fios again today. Their technician will be here Thursday - sometime between 8 and 12 - (my money is on 12:01 PM) - to install our new top-of-the-line service over optical wires. But get this - like the rug cleaners - they say we have to move all the furniture
and give them clear access to the backs of all the computers and tvs.
Isn't there another option????? Does it have to be Verizon?


Travelin'Oma said...

I totally lose track of time when I'm on the computer! I now have a little timer I set so I'll remember to stand up and walk around occasionally. Then I wonder why I'm so stiff every night!

I've never had anything I loved doing as much as working/playing on my computer. I have a daughter who feels the same way about running. She's skinny and healthy and full of energy. I'm not. But I'm happy!


Glad to find someone out there that understands - your timer is a great idea - thanks for sharing. Aren't we lucky to have found what we love to do!!!!

cynthia said...

I thought of you today as I parked at the very end of the parking lot and when jogging into Best Buy ... to purchase a new laptop. Totally something I have done for myself! I will blog about that today.

Mary said...

Someone once sent to Storytell a set of stretches specifically for use while working on the computer. I can't find it right now, but I think I still do some of them from time to time. My P.T. Mara suggested setting a timer for 25 minutes, one far enough away that one has to get up to turn it off . . .
Good luck with the internet people. . . customer service is so hard to find.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi Mary.
Getting a timer today.Thanks for your sugestion.
Customer service - I think that's a myth - something long ago and far away. but ofcourse, as Jim says, I have an attitude about this.

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