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Mother and Child, collage, e.schoettler, 2009 series

Working on Storytelling
Preparing for a performance at a school in Baltimore tomorrow. And for SWAN Saturday in Georgetown. Love it. And delighted for the call today inviting me to be part of the ensemble for "Mommie Dearest", the May Speakeasy DC special performnces. I will be telling the story Mama told Father Gary - a new version of how she met Daddy. Mama changed her story to one more to her liking. I love it. And good for her.

Something New

I went in today to block Stories in Time - my television program - in their new system - and wow, this is going to be so exciting. From now on we will be using a "virtual" set. I will tell you more about it as we go along but I can tell you this much - don't believe everything you see on television.

Artists Group

Artist Luciano Penay is in town and we are having our artist gatherings with him again. He is still as vital and astute in talking about paintings as he was when he was our professor at American University. I heard one of the artists say, "Its amazing - everyone here is working so differently." Professor Penay heard her . "That's why they are here." Every one laughed. Not often can you find someone who is open to all viewpoints and can be equally respectful and appreciative of each art work. This group fosters creative energy. That's right. That's why we so glad to be there.