3BT - Challenge Day 3, UNC Stays in March Madness, Sunshine and a Special Visit

Three Beautiful Things

1. Challenge Day 3 - Exercise Report
15 minutes - the first half of my exercise challenge for today is done - brisk walking through an almost empty grocery store. Standing up straight, stretching my legs out, feeling myself move through the labyrinth-like aisles picking up food items and looking for Jim.

I usually slouch through the aisles at the Safeway, leaning on the cart, sliding my feet - the perfect picture of a slug. Today I bounced through - and it felt GOOD. I can imagine myself one day breaking a sweat.

Really - this is a break through. I realize that my exercise must be a part of my daily plan. Where-ever I am, what-ever I am doing. I am not a person who is going to put something down to go and do this wonderful thing for me and my body - I just don't see it. But I can find other ways to work in exercise.

2. Go Tar Heels!
We are happy that UNC won their game yesterday and that they are still alive in the NCAA tournament. March Madness goes on. Guess what we will be doing next week-end.
Jim and I were talking about the game over coffee at Einstein's this morning and that sent us down memory lane.
Jim did his Residency at UNC's NC Memorial Hospital - 1960 - 1964. We lived only a few blocks off the UNC campus - close enough to walk down Boundary Lane, across Rosemary Street, across Franklin and then into the campus. And when the chance was offered we bought Season Passes for basketball at the student rate - a real bargain. I am not a great sports fan - except for basketball. I love the action - things can change in a flash. The basketball stadium was bursting with energy and the sound of feet pounding back and forth on the court. Legendary Dean Smith was the coach. It was truly exciting and we loved it. Both Jim and I have vivid memories of it - and make a fuller picture when we share them.

3. And not to forget - Sunshine. This has been a lovely sunny day!

A Special Visit.
Our friend Cres called. "are you home? Can I stop by? I have something for you and Jim."
Ofcourse. Talk about sunshine - Cres is always a a dash of love and laughter. "And, would you like Communion? I can stop by the Church and pick up Jesus for you if you do."

I should explain. Cres is part of the Home Bound Ministry at Holy Redeemer - a near-by parish -and regularly takes Communion and companionship to the sick - "my home bound" she calls those in her care. Jim and I were touched that she thought of us. We were back at Mass on Sunday but have not picked up our daily Mass schedule yet and we miss it. One of the great joys of being a Catholic comes in receiving Communion daily.

Cres arrived a half hour later wearing her wonderful smile. She was bearing fresh baked bread from the market and a very special food for our souls. What a blessing on the day.


cynthia said...

I like this! We can always find ways to move ... park at the edge of the lot, move through the store with intention, make more movements while picking up the mess in the house, turn on some music to make it fun.

Keep Moving!!!

Granny Sue said...

good report, Ellouise. You're inspiring me. I think I'll try the challenge too--15 minute walk at break, 15 minutes walking around the building checking things, 7 minutes stretching. That should do it. We'll see how it goes.

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