#SPEAKINGOUT - about the Show-Off Debate

What's this -  More talk about the 
Trump and Sanders Debate.

I have a few words on that.

Entertaining is replacing campaigning and governing. 
Such a debate is usually for the two final nominees - so how 
do they explain a one-off debate between Trump and Sanders other than as The Grand Political Show-Off. 

Here is an idea - Trump will be playing to his strong suit - he tells you he does not know how to be a 
politician - but he does know entertaining.... 
now he is showing off. He has switched the playing field - and they have taken it out of the hands of the political parties -

It is a Rogue Debate and IMO a first step toward making it a Rogue election process.

Maybe its a JOKE - 

or is there an AGENDA afoot - and the debate will amuse and divert the public? 
while  - whoever they are is up to a new plan.

more will be revealed.

Elizabeth Warren Hillary Clinton 

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