Crude, rude and uncivil - coming up.

It is rare for me to say anything political on this blog - its supposed to be about art and story and ordinary things - but I can't help it today.

I went to bed last night feeling down!

And a bit scared.

Relieved that Ted Cruz was off the boards - -

But -

we are Trumped!

I know I have to stop watching TV News coverage - particularly CNN - which has become the TRUMP network.... where dull panelists with high pitched voices are cat calling  at each other.

Some people lament that the Republican Party has imploded itself - -

Why the lament?

They have done it to themselves -- and to the rest of the country - as they stalled the Congress.

You know what this means -

Until November  the talk on television will be crude, rude, and uncivil - - insulting and bullying.
In the worst case - it could continue for the next four years.

While the rest of the county tries to survive.....

In the 1990s our son was living in the Czech Republic - just after it opened up. Jim and I went over for a visit. I took the opportunity to interview some artists - where I heard stories of what it had been like to live in a world where you were afraid to talk out loud to anyone about what you believed - -
and how opening up now was not comfortable because trust had been destroyed.


Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you. Lynn Haynes

Still the Lucky Few said...

You and I have the benefit of being able to look back over many decades in order to make some sense of what is happening today. We have all been in a hard place before, politically. Eventually, once the storm has passed, there is always improvement and growth. We will get through this and move on.


Maybe so - but there is another element in tmiscampaign and it is rampant misogyny - - I am listening to Charlile Rose right now - a discussion of how smart Trump is as A MAN who knows ------- its a game to men - they have the sensitivity of rocks.