FIVE TIPS - for using your iPhone for Personal Assistance

Rotary Dial Telephone
I can never resist a little back story.

Remember these telephones?

The Rotary Dial phone was the first one that fascinated me when I was a young child. It sat on the desk in the living room of the apartment where we lived when I was in the First Grade.

Actually - that phone hung around for years beyond the 1940s. In 1955 Jim and I had a phone like this in our first apartment when we got married.
Pushbutton Telephone

Slim Line  Telehone
I don't remember having  touch phone like this one until the 1960s.

I felt so stylish in the 1970s when we added several slimline phones.

Once the cell phone came out we had a progression of those from huge and clunky to a small flip phone that I held in the palm of my hand.

All those phones did was accept and send calls.

I have loved all of them -  then came the plethora of cell phones from the large and clunky to the small flip-phones you

But I never dreamed of ever having something in my hand like an Apple iPhone - did you?

I bought my first cell phone in 2007. I remember that it had a steep learning curve or probably more on the point I was intimidated by it. Anyway for more time than I want to admit I only used it as a telephone and to pick up email on the run.

Gradually I got smarter myself.  I learned to watch what people were doing with their phone, particularly my grand children.  Hmmm.

Well that technique paid off and today I often use it as a personal assistant.

Are you taking advantage of how the iPhone can give you a hand? Maybe you will want to know these 5 ways to get help from your smart phone.

           FIVE TIPS
           1. Take a picture and remember later where you parked your car. I learned to do that after it
               took me an hour to find my car in a 7 story parking building.
           2. Record things you need to remember like medicines, printer ink ID numbers etc etc. so you
               have the information on hand if the question come up.
               Learned that on a blog by Michael Hyatt and it has been very helpful.     
               I also take pictures of things I want to check out, read later, or buy next time.
           3. MAPS on the iPhone is the GPS that takes me everywhere.
           4.  There are two important functions in the Clock app.
                  1.  The ALARM wakes me every morning and I set it to ring on the half-hour for several
                       hours if I have an early plane or an important appointment.
                   2. The TIMER is a big help when I am on a tight schedule to accomplish a task or leave
                        for a meeting.

                   3.  The TIMER is often set to remind me when to end a meeting, or phone conversation.
            5.  And lets not forget that adding a KINDLE app turns the iPhone into a library which is
                 great when you are traveling.
Do you have other ways you use the iPhone or a Smartphone to assist you?


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