SMILING IS OVER - or is this still the 1950s?

When I watched grown men who are supposed to be "political" leaders interrupt a Presidential Debate to measure their stuff I had queasy feelings and waves of discomfort for what was ahead.

Ahead has arrived for me - it is NOW.

Here is an article which was shared on Facebook this morning. The author, Charles Clymer, an Army Veteran, calls himself "proudly gender non-conforming." It is worth reading. I applaud him!

Last night when I heard about the "old white guy" trick of stepping around Hillary Clinton to have Bernie Sanders debate Donald Trump I felt sick to my stomach. That sounds like the set up for a show in a boys locker room.

But that was topped by Donald Trump when he stepped up and suggested that they use their debate to raise "millions of dollars'' for charity. Then to ice the cake Trump suggested breast cancer would be a good cause to receive the money.

Am I the only one who sees that as an insult to all women, although it was meant for Hillary Clinton? Does Donald Trump think we are so stupid we will be grateful for their largess if it is for breast cancer.  Listen,  family and friends I love dearly have and are battling breast cancer - but in my opinion Trump's suggestion to send the money from a self-serving, woman demeaning debate to cure breast cancer is a shrewd distraction... a way to garner support for what is actually a manipulation of the process.

I am sure others have seen right through that.

And what about Bernie Sanders and Jimmy Kimmel - since when is political strategy planned and played out on late night television. Our political process has been hi-jacked by entertainers - - who are most probably thinking about ratings.

And what about us - the public - what do we think about being manipulated this way?

We have indeed returned to the 1950s when women were trained to take insults with a smile and keep their mouths shut to hold back the screams.

Sisters,  I am afraid we are a majority that is being treated and dismissed like a rag-tag group that is blind and stupid.

Go get them Elizabeth Warren  - - -

Speak up Hillary!


Still the Lucky Few said...

We have only one option to combat this insensitive, dangerous trend—vote! Women must use their votes to change today's political landscape. It is imperative!


Thanks for your comment. Always good to hear from you.
I agree - use the power of the vote - but I think it is imperative that women prick their consciousness - see it when we are insulted and speak about it. I am thinking about my granddaughters and all the other young women who don't realize that we don't have an Equal Rights Amendment - women are not as protected as they think they are. But they have to realize it and speak up before they lose what has been gained.

WomenRock said...


Mom and I saw right through the good ole' boys, Donald and Bernie, trying to erase the little lady from voter's consciousness. I laughed when on the back page of the Express this morning it said, "CNN has already called the Trump Sanders debate for Hillary Clinton". Maybe the most exciting thing about the continued patriarchal drumbeat is that it will only drive those with any sense right into Hillary's camp.