Re-playing the Facebook Record of Our Week-end in PA

My daughter Karen and I have been in PA for a few days - taking a break from
the urban and enjoying the rural.

 I am finishing up a few projects this morning and then Karen and I are heading home. For this blog I am pulling together the snippets I wrote for FaceBook into the blog by taking a screen shot of each FB Post.

Doing this for several reasons:
* collecting the scraps of memories
* catching the thoughts and descriptions
     of the moment
* not wasting anything

Lately I have been paying attention to gathering together my work - to see what I have on hand that is worth keeping.

You know - quilting.

The pictures for the collage were collected while I was sitting on the front steps. Just looking around.

In the afternoon we took a spin up the road and stopped at a small favorited local diner for something
to eat. No disappointment here.

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Still the Lucky Few said...

How wonderful that you can do this with your daughter. It seems that there is no end to your interests and passions, Ellouise! Love reading about this!