On Mothers Day: "Doctor Schoettler You Make Good Babies"

For Mother's Day 2016

One afternoon when Jim was a new intern at Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn, NY he asked me to bring Jimmy with me and come up to his medical ward. He wanted to show me where he was spending most of his time. Looking back I think he wanted to "show off" Jimmy, our nine month old son.

When  I walked up to the ward office there was an
    elderly woman standing just inside the door.  Jimmy looked past her and held out his arms to Jim.

   " Doctor Schoettler is this your boy?"
     Jim smiled and nodded as he reached over to take Jimmy from me.

   " Well Doctor Schoettler you make good babies."

    I like to think to of that when Mother's Day rolls around.
    We have three of those "good babies."
            and now they have good babies of their own.

    Life circles doesn't it?


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