Light Pushing Through - Thinking About Branding

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About five years ago it seemed to me the air was filled with talk of "branding." I read articles about how important it is to find your niche and to create a brand. People talked about it by spreading words around like mayonnaise to slide their ideas your way.  I tried to understand what they were saying - but I did not really "get" it.

The truth is I did not want to be "caged in" by a niche.  I like to be free to change and try new things. I was interpreting finding a niche as limiting to myself and to my work.  I was not having any of that.

Last night I watched an internet video for the second time. The first time watching it I had a glimmer of what he meant.  He was talking about "How to Tell a Story"  - -  about how to use story to create your business brand. Last night when I watched it again light slipped through the cracks and I began to get it.

Using plain language, this guy was talking about clarifying how you talk about what you do --- what you are passionate about doing - - after you understand it yourself.

In my interpretation it goes like this:

Find out what really matters to me in storytelling ... i.e. the passion of it. Why am I doing it. This goes way, way beyond the stories I tell.

Understanding the "why" is the key to talking the "what" of what you do.

Okay - - I get that!

On that note,  I must have fallen asleep.

I dreamed of making art again.I woke up this morning remembering my dream  - about how I used to make collages -
one piece at a time.

It is a clue.

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