Three Beautiful Things

1. An Accidental Story - Today at the hair salon I overheard a woman saying, " she was my friend and I care about her but I did not want the ashes." With that I started to listen. "Imagine my surprise when I opened the package and found the urn." She moved on. Later we were at the cashier at the same time and I asked her about it. Let me tell you its quite a story. Finally I said," I have to tell you, I am a storyteller. I don't know your name and please don't tell me. But I have to ask, "can I tell this story." "Yes - go ahead. I have a million more." Stand by.

2. Good news. I finished watching all four seasons of Doc Martin, the ITV British TV show. Learned today that eight new ones will be released in 2011. With all the original cast. Patience, Ellouise, patience.

3. Whittling my list.

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mary said...

I just discovered Doc Martin on PBS -- such fun! The quirkiness of the village contrasted with the doctor's big-city stuffiness reminds me a bit of Northern Exposure.