Stories in Focus

Weather Report: Hot. Hot. Hot. And no relief this week!

Today we taped Stories In Focus with guest storyteller, Cricket Parmelee.
Fun. Good conversation about her important storytelling work with elder vets at the VA Home. " Stories bring the patients together in community."

She also told a wonderful story of her father drawn from finding some of his memoir essays and making a new connection with him. Rich!

Have you ever wondered why politicans and other public figures wear so much red? Its probably because of the TV cameras and the way they film various colors.

TIP: Don't wear green when you tape for TV. The camera doesn't pick up green - so you come and go in the picture.

Today the taping session with Cricket was a re-do. My bad. I forgot to send Cricket the "No Green" alert before the scheduled taping several weeks ago. Fortunately she kindly came back to talk again.

We did not try to catch the earlier conversation - we just let today's conversation take its natural course and I am we glad did or her work at the VA Hospital might not have come to light - - reminding us of the important work of storytellers - done without fanfare in private gatherings.

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