TBT: Happy Birthday Daddy, Jim, Kindness of Neighbors

Three Beautiful Things

1. Thinking of Daddy yesterday. The first important date in August that I learned was August 13 - his birthday.

2. Love working with Jim on house projects.

3. Grateful for the kindness of neighbors - who helped remove a large heavy limb which fell in our back yard during the storm the other night. Wanted to thank them - remembered the still-wrapped CDs of Doug Elliot and Willy Claflin I found when I cleaned the book cases last week. So - killed three birds with two CDs - passed on the gift of stories, removed two objects from our house, and felt good about cleaning.

Life and the little drats.

We have Jet Blue tickets for CA next week - but, looks like we won't make that flight. The twinges in Jim's tooth turned into a nightmare toothache so he was a "dental emergency" at the dentist office Friday. He will be back early Monday morning for some oral surgery to take care of the problem. Ouch! So, we will reschedule California - - drat! drat! drat!

Now to re-group and make lemonade out of this lemon.

Some people seem to re-group easily. I don't. Its a skill I have been working on for decades - - - and it is still
slow - -

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Debbie Couture said...

Sorry Ellouise, I don't handle disappointments very well either. I hate toothaches, poor Jim. Thank God for dental care. Hope his surgery goes well. Hope you get out to California soon. Funny that we have to work on things for decades. Have a good week.