Finding a New World.

When she was here storyteller Bernadette Nason recommended the BBC series Doc Martin. It is available - all four years of the series - on Net Flix as an Instant Play. The first episode did not particularly capture me but by the third I was hooked. I have said before how much I like being drawn into "worlds" where you can get to know the characters, their interactions and their environment. And, when it's British - and well-acted - - all the better.

Fairy Ring
Granny Sue wrote recently about finding a fairy ring - you know, a circle of wild mushrooms, that sometimes springs up overnight. I had first heard of them when I was a little girl - but had not thought about them in years - and years. So a few days later when I saw a fairy circle in my neighbor's yard I hopped out of the car to take a picture - - "hot dog, I can show Granny Sue we have them too." Now I can't find it. My computer ate it! Simple I will take another shot. But no, in three days time those neighbors have turned over their front yard for a new planting. The circle and the fairies are gone. Oh, Oh, bad luck for them.

Old Lesson to Learn Again
When a lot of little things pile up - - - they combine to become a REAL BIG THING!!!!
Dealing with it!

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Granny Sue said...

I saw the Doc Martin series on the library shelves--maybe I'll check it out. Like you, I love a good series with good drama and acting.

Too bad about the fairy ring! Maybe you'll still find your photo--look in the recycle bin :) That's where I usually find lost stuff. Or in some weird temp file. My sister found one in Bealeton where she lived and was so excited. She'd never heard of them before--which is funny because it was my mother who told me about them. But Liz is 10 years younger and Mom was working when she was little so maybe she didn't tell those kinds of stories wany more.