Cole Slaw, MI-5 Spies, All day at home

Three Beautiful Things:

1. I love my cole slaw - old fashioned tart and tasty. In my opinion, people who add touches like carrots, special vinegars etc to spruce up cole law - - ruin it.

Use the food processor to cut the cabbage very fine. Add a finely processed onion , salt and pepper. Mix the dressing separately - mayo and plain ole apple cider vinegar.
Mix well with the cabbage and onion. Dig in. This goes with everything !!!

2. Two DVDs from Netflix - four episodes of the BBC Spy series MI-5. Such happiness. Should I admit that we watched all four in a row - love the plots, acting, environment - and the accents!

3. All day at home. A mental health day. Felt good.

PS - re:photo. Sky over London!

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