Ordinary bits

Our dishwasher went beserk.
It could not stop washing.
Until finally - we gave up and stopped it.

Did you know that the cycle is controlled by a little computer chip -
or something like that?

The repair man jump started it.

When the storms knocked out our power
they un-did the settings -
and for days I was doing all the washing.
Now we are back on track!

Remember the iron?
I rarely use one anymore
I have become a wash, hang and shake expert
to keep our clothes presentable.

Somehow that does not work with freshly washed curtains.
Its back to the old ways -
Springle and iron - with a spritz of spray starch.

and a feeling of virtue - - well-done.

The sweetness of ripe peaches
Pennsylvania White ladies

Jimmy and Monica brought us a bag of them
Rich, ripe and jucy.


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