Pleasant trip from Baltimore on Southwest Air Lines this morning until the pilot announced, "we will pause service for a few minutes while we come down through these clouds - a little chop ahead." Flight attendnats strapped in and I clutched Jim's arm. I do hate that. And it was more than a bit of chop - it was a lot of bumping around - but we landed smoothly. Whew!

We are staying overnight at the Scarritt-Bennet Retreat Center because we wanted to see these buildings and do something a bit different. The collegiate gothic buildings are lovely grey stone built in 1928. This woman's college now serves as a retreat center. The rooms are plain and comfortable and the staff is friendly and welcoming. Our window looks out onto their in-ground labyrinth - nice. Also near-by a comfortable 1920s cottage has recently been converted to an art gallery - The Front Porch - Gallery F. The first show is an exhibition of feminist works by Nashville women artists. I enjoyed seeing the gallery and the art works. And, to top if off - a gracious former bedroom serves as a shop featuring appealing craft works by local artists at remarkable prices.

Scarrit Bennet is on the edge of Vanderbilt Campus - meaning there are many food-choices near-by and the vital presence of college undergrads.
This evening we were delighted to find ourselves easily close to downtown Nashville. We drove down for a good dinner at Demos and a taste of the music nightlife Nashville is famous for.

Its a brief taste of Nashville - a bit off the regular tourist route - but we have enjoyed it and would like to come back for a longer visit.

Tomorrow we move on to Paducah.

On another subject -

Our room has a tv
I asked for it.
And CNN pours forth gloom and doom on the Wall Street story.

I wasn't over-wrought until I heard about the additional money dump to AIG.
And, could I have heard this correctly
That after the first infusion of government (our) money - the company executives spend $400,000 on meals, spas and stuff for themselves.
They needed a massage while folks were losing their retirement funds. Poor babies.
Are they nuts.

Do they think the people - that's us - are stupid?

Are we?

sitsi visit.