Storytelling and Red is Sexy

3 Beautiful Things

1. Storytelling tonight. Friends walking into the room when you are getting ready to tell stories is a beautiful sight and warms my heart. I was telling stories for my annual adult HAUNTS program tonight. I selected stories that were tied together by a North Carolina connection. Started off with Jack and the Haunted House, then two family ghost stories, followed by stories of several ghosts I have crossed paths with myself and closed with a real nervous-making old story, The Evil Eye.

2. An unexpected gift of stories is a beautiful thing. Just after I started the stories a short and bent elderly woman with faded red hair dressed in pink gamely pushed her walker into the room and sat down. Afterwards she stood with difficulty and pushed her walker over next to me to chat. "I have stories", she said. Speaking in a softened European accent she told me fascinating stories of her childhood. "I will be brief." she assured me. Then she told how her family escaped from Warsaw, were shipped to Siberia and then how her mother's hats fed them all.

3. The sound of the vacuum cleaner - when I am not the one pushing it is beautiful music to my ears.
CNN reports tonight that scientific studies confirm that men see women in red as more sexy.