Busy Day -Topped off with Fine Stories

Grand evening of stories in Kensington. Linda Fang told classic Chinese stories to an audience that was transported by her telling. A magical evening.

Fine stories are a great way to start off our trip to Jonesboro tomorrow. Next time Linda and I see each other it will be in Jonesboro - in a tent or strolling through town.

Leaving the office for a few days means steady nit picking to tie up loose ends.

Number one on my list today was registering for the 2009 Rogue Festival. The application on the website went "live" at 3 PM EST. I was sitting in front of the computer monitor - at the ready. Its a first come first serve selection for the venues and I am hoping that I will be back at Ashtree Studio again this year. This will be my third year - wouldn't miss it.

Now - that I feel good from Linda Fang's stories I will watch the US Sente vote and hope the story ends as well fo the country on that score.