I am filling in the blanks on Paducah and the storytelling. Will be adding pictures tomorrow.
I do this to digest it for myself - so I don't want to move on until I complete my wind-up.

If you want to read about the trip and the stories - please back up two days. I am keeping things in chronological order.

Told stories this afternoon at a retirement home. I really enjoy telling for these folks - mostly women. Some, like Andy's Aunt Marguerite are so sharp I have to stay on my toes while others are "traveling" during the stories - but they too often surprise me when they let me know they followed the story and heard every word.

Tomorrow I will be teaching an after school art and story class for middle school students. Talk about challenges!

And I am preparing for two performances at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum this week-end.

Sometime I must run several loads of laundry.