Looking for perspective

Today a Facebook Friend posted this quote and its so "on point" for me that I am sharing it here  - because I don't want to lose it.

"yesterday is a thing of the past. Do not be hard on yourself about things you cannot change. The past is past and it's time to move on."

Since the Fringe closed I have been "off duty" from storytelling and enjoying it. Back to some normal living - - thinking and sorting things out. Every so often I have to step back - many paces - to get a perspective on things.
Anyone else do that?

Some things I have thought about:
1. Samie - our lost kitten taught us that its important to include joy and diversion in your life - even if it adds to the confusion and is a responsibility. Although I am sure nothing can replace the quick and special attachment we felt with her - we will be getting another kitten - for ourselves and for our dog Leia. Leia is so sad that Samie has disappeared. She keeps on looking for her little friend in every room in the house.
Chasing and playing with the energetic Samie shook Leia up - brought some new life into her . I guess you could say she "got her groove back." Jim and me too.
When you live with  chronic illness - as cancer is - its important to add some spice to life - and the antics of a kitten certainly fit that bill.
Yes, we will be rescuing another kitten - - or  - - is it that the kitten will be rescuing us?

2. Looking at the wood of the cleaned desk top in my office makes me feel good - like there is order in my life. Hmm. Don't mention the drawers yet.

3. The possibility of order has pushed me downstairs - really to begin the work of cleaning out my studio - instead of just chattering about it.
Big questions:
WHY have I kept all this stuff?
WHO wants it besides me?
WHAT am I going to do with it?
I think of the hilarious story storyteller Michael Reno Harrell tells about cleaning out his mother's house - and the ridiculous stuff they found - that she had saved.
I have the same - and its embarrassing.

I hardly believe myself what I am finding - stacks of empty boxes - of all sizes - so that I could put stuff away. 
WHAT was I thinking?

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