Today I overheard this bit of converation between two workmen in a coffee shop in an office building in Bethesda. 
The burly man spoke definitely in a deep voice, "There is no difference between the two sides. All those people downtown have turned their backs on the People."  I didn't have to guess what they were talking about. Do you?

Now, the day after,  TV news reporters  have moved from speculating what Congress will do to talking about the real human cost of the recent budget vote. They are spelling out losses in jobs and government services. And as for medical care -- the . bottom line on the health care front pretty much boils down to this:  if you are healthy - don't get sick:  if you are sick - get well..quick.

This is just the beginning. Listen as the explanations of what can happen come out.  Now all the programs go on the table - and Congress will name the cuts.  Nothing is safe.

The other day my sister said, "If Mama were still alive she would be scared to death with all this talk about cutting Medicaid and Social Security." 
Millions of seniors must feel like we imagined our mother feeling.

I will tell you the truth- - I am afraid. 

Are you worried?

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