About Cats

Jim and I have taken in a new kitten.
Introducing: Samie.

Her story:

The other day our daughter Karen sent a text message to my phone. No words - - - just a snapshot of an adorable kitten. I sent back a text. "Yours? Is this an announcement?"

A few minutes after she got my message Karen called. She admitted. No it wasn't an announcement - - - just a picture of a stray kitten she found the night before under the back steps of our house in a PA farm area. "What am I going to do with her - I have to come home. I called the local SPCA. They don't even keep them for two days, Mom. I just can't leave her there. She really is a sweet little thing - about 4 weeks old."

"Yes, I have asked the neighbors. No one is claiming her. I still can't figure out how she got here across two fields. She was hiding to protect herself. It looks like someone must have abandoned her or - how could she have gotten here - she's just a baby. When I drove into the driveway she started crying. Calling out. She must have heard me and she made quite a racket. So I brought her in - - she was scared at first - but then it was obvious she was a sweet cat."

I showed Jim the picture. "Do you want a kitten?" He eyes softened even as he mouthed "no."

Why did we cave in? Well, we didn't like the idea of abandoning the kitten either and we knew it would be really awful on Karen - who loves cats - to be the one to leave the cat-baby outside on her own at the mercy of weather and other animals.

Ordinarily Karen would have taken the kitten home with her -- but she has an older female cat - who is really territorial - - and not ready for an interloper. Ah, me.

Anyway. Now Samie is here. She is adorable - and we are enjoying having her.

More will be revealed - probably.

This is not the first time we have lived with cats. I tell that story on this video.

Mama's Cats from Ellouise Schoettler on Vimeo.


Granny Sue said...

She's adorable. The time and place must have been chosen for her arrival in your life. Have fun with her!


Granny Sue - we are so enjoying this kitten. She is so curious and so surprisingly social. Loves to be cuddled - in fact demands it - begs to be picked up. She and our dog are now friends - chasing and nuzzling. You are right - her arrival is well-timed.