SAMIE - A Good-bye


In only 10 days we have become very attached to this funny, curious and lovable little kitten. This afternoon in a tragic accident  she left us as quickly as she came.  Jim, Karen and I are teary-eyed and sad.

We will miss her and the joy she brought to us.

But we are grateful for Samie  - even for such a brief time - she was a reminder that your life is richer when you take a chance - -
and let yourself  quickly become attached to a soft, furry, loving, little bit of love.


Carol Connolly said...

So sorry to hear that, Ellouise. But, you're right. She brought a lot of joy in those 10 short days.

Storyteller Mary said...

So sorry for your loss. I was very sad when the allergist declared that I had to "get rid of the cats," a stray mama cat and her one surviving kitten. Baby Kitten was delivered Caesarian and so weak I had to feed her with an eye dropper. She looked a lot like Samie, too.
I consoled myself that I gave them what I could before they had to go, and at least I knew in advance and could say good-bye.
Loving is a risk, and you are brave . . . wish it could be easier.

Sandra D. said...

Oh my gosh!! I was just going to comment this morning about her—that adorable pic you recently posted. I'm so so sorry that she had to leave you so soon. : (

What precious pictures and memories, even for the short time she blessed your home and family. This just breaks my heart for you all.