Have you noticed how stepping into memory brings up stories?

Noting connections - past to present - sets me in place and makes me feel connected across the years of my life. Its comforting - like wearing your years as a warm blanket.

Yesterday riding down Connecticutt Ave toward downtown Washington, DC, I noticed that the new Harry Potter film, The Deathly Hallows, 2, is the current feature at the venerable Uptown Theater. Jim and I agreed it would be fun to see it at the Uptown, a large deco theater with atmosphere and history. We nodded to each other as we passed it.

As we approached the Uptown Theater again on the return trip I remembered the first time I saw a movie there. "Do you remember - - -?" After 56 years of marriage Jim and I have shared most of our life-time firsts. My memory catalog on trivia has always been sharper so testing him is often part of the game. He blanked -

"It was on our honeymoon - when everything else was closed New Years Day we took a taxi out here."
He nodded. "It was a murder. right?"
"That's it. The Trouble with Harry - Shirley McClaine - a very young Shirley McClaine - was in it."

Ah, yes, An Alfred Hitchcock film.

We will be going back to the Uptown... to see another film about a guy named "Harry".
I will eat raisinets. Jim will munch on popcorn. We will hold hands.
It will cost a lot more than in 1955
but it will be much more than a movie - its an investment in connections... and worth
every cent.

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