Hurricane Irene and a short video - Irish Roots

Hurricane Irene came and went. We were lucky in the MD, VA, and DC area - not too much devastation although many folks are still without power. We lost power last night for about four hours - very grateful they got it fixed so quickly.

We did the usual preparations - getting the batteries and lanterns checked out, checking the battery operated radio and making sure we had plenty of food and water. And then we waited. There is always a sense of apprehension when you know Mother Nature is headed in your direction. CNN keeps cautioning and predicting and that keeps a level of unease going.

So this morning we woke to rain and lessening winds and then gradually basked in the sunshine. By midafternoon it was humid and hot outside. Back to normal - sort of.

There is always cleaning up to do - how much depends on how the storm came through your area. Our cleaning up will be relatively easy - putting patio furniture back, moving the planters back in place etc. etc. Re-storing the lanterns and other survival supplies.

While we were waiting I focused on video editing - making snippets from longer videos.

This is a bit of a longer piece -- Irish Gold in which I combine genealogy, memories and some traditional stories and explore my Irish Roots.

Catherine Cobb nee Lonergan, born in Tipperaray, gave me my Catholic faith, the gift of gab and the urge to learn and tell more traditional stories from Ireland.

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