Tuesday-Three Beautiful Things: Wisdom, Friendship and Storytelling. Happy Birthday Juliana

Granny's Collage
e. schoettler

Three Beautiful Things

1. Being at a meeting this morning with a room filled by wise women who share their wisdom.

2. Lunch with my artist friend Pat. We have been having lunch together on Tuesdays at a funky Tea Room in Kensington for more than five years. We talk about art and movies and anything else that comes up. We know each other well. Its good time.

3. After lunch I wandered the shops in Kensington for a while on my own - perusing the old treasures in the Antiques Market. Looking for prompts - things that could prod my memory for new stories. The Northlands Storytelling Journal was in the mail when I arrived at home. Proud to have my article on Using Photos as Story Prompts included in this issue.

Special Day!

A rose for Juliana on her birthday.