Friday- White Plume Hat,

Thinking of my sister Kathy

and wishing her a day

of many blessing


"all will be well."

Elie Hall Keasler Baer

Mama's "mama"

Love this hat!

I look like Granny but I can't wear hats

and I am really sorry about that.

The stack of hats

on the top shelf in my closet

shows how often I try.

Does that say something

about not accepting what is?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Last night while the grandkids were gathered here they were looking for a game to play. "Check the plastic tub in my studio", I offered, telling my grand-daughter where I keep my stash of precious savings. A bit later she came back, empty-handed and laughing, "that's a museum of games. Nothing worth playing." And, the others laughed too.

I did not laugh. I listened and took note. What's the message?

This morning I woke up envisoning a new art work - an assemblage which somehow incorporates the pieces of those relics - those games that have out-lived their newness. Perhaps wrapped in a heavy black plastic bag.

Doll Table at a Flea Market in Nice, France


Granny Sue said...

My grandkids thought there was nothing to do here when we took out the TV. They learned to find new things to do, old things like walk, go into the woods, talk, play old games. Don't round-file the games yet. Maybe they just need to learn to slow down and learn to play.

Mary said...

I once helped a friend's daughter work on her project/book report for _Jumanji_. We took a garage sale board game, missing way too many pieces to ever be played, spray painted it and turned it into her own Jumanji board game. It was fun! (and I'm pretty sure she got a good grade, too ;-)

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