Thursday- Happy Birthday RBD, NC, Grandsons.

Happy Birthday Daddy.
Robert Bernard Diggle
August 13, 1914
August 29, 1994
Daddy was 39 years old when this picture was taken for the Snips and Cuts, my high school annual. He was pictured as a sponsor for me when I was an editor for the annual.
When I look at this picture today I hardly know him. My memories of those days are such a mixed bag. Home life was turbulent. I would leave to go away to school only a year later - the oldest child flying the coop.
I would never live in Charlotte again. Yet I still feel tied to the place and the people.
Robin and her boys arrived last night after their sojourn in North Carolina - Robin is enjoying the after-glow of seeing old friends and re-visiting her Alma Mater. Chapel Hill and UNC captured the boys. They loved it. Impressed by the campus and the great tour they had. Oh, yes, lets not forget the new basketball museum - which is a winner. All would like to cash their "legacy" chip. Who Knows. Its a long way from California. But, I tell you, I loved hearing them rave about Carolina and I do believe they learned something about their Mom - a Phi Beta Kappa grad of a great school. That alone is worth the trip.
Boy have they grown in a year. Taller, broader, louder, more social, fun, a pleasure to be around. I have forgotten how growing boys forage for food - standing in front of the refrigerator, peering in, "just checking". Scarfing down two angel food cakes in a swallow. I will be back at the Safeway again today.
Sleeping in. Spreading out. Filling the space with their presence. All is good.
Today is set for sightseeing downtown - the Archives, Ford's Theater, and the Museum of History and Technology.
"Just a bit" says Robin. Hmm. I may take a by on that and stay here to re-load the refrigerator, and cook supper.
Tomorrow Jimmy has set up a tour of the Pentagon. He (an active Army Reserve Colonel) had to get special permission to bring in a crowd of guests. Talk about walking. I have to rest up if I plan to go for that.
Robin stopped by the Ackland Art Museum and picked up the catalog for the Alwyth show - the artist Jim and I saw when we were there recently. I am so glad to have it. The essays are great, giving more insight into her work. The illustrations are pretty good. I am glad I have seen the work though and am not relying just on these photos. I woke up early this morning and studied the catalog for an hour. My head is filling with ideas and my fingers are itching to cut and paste. Hmmmm. Don't talk. DO.
But I have to remind myself right now - before I can cut and paste there is the storytelling work to do. Fanny ( the producer) called last night to check arrangements for my ERA performance in Hagerstown, MD September 20. I am telling in Kensington September 2, and in Frostburg, Md September 19. And over all of that - looms - the taxes - as Jim reminded me yesterday. We extended because of Jim's surgery and recovery. He has completed what he needs to to - and he is waiting for mine. I have been saying "tomorrow, Rhett, tomorrow." for weeks. I guess my tomorrows have just run out. ARGHHHHHHHHH.