Monday Three Beautiful Things - Susan Gordon, Storyteller, Friend Lucy and NCIS

Gold Collage
e schoettler

Three Beautiful Things
1. Taping my Focus on Stories tv show: Susan Gordon guest storyteller. Susan was at the top of her storytelling game telling Barney McCabe. Interview on her work in therapeutic settings also solid. I can't wait to see our program.

Susan is a powerful storyteller.
With gestures and her amazing voices
she takes you into the story with her.

I am always facinated by her hands - they convey the tension and emotion of the story.

In the Channel 16 virtual studio we are photographed with a plain grey background which - using computer magic - becomes the interior of the Kensington Row Bookshop.

2. Nice and cool in Starbucks this afternoon as my friend Lucy and I chatted and chatted and chatted.
Always enjoy being with Lucy. We have history - a very precious connection.

3. Watched two new NCIS programs. Catching up with all the back stories. I want to be ready for the season premiere September 22. Jim says, "how long will this obsession last?" I assure him it is running its course. "Not much longer - I am just about caught up." Actually I am studying - gathering storytelling techniques. Seeing how they construct the stories; how the characters interact; enjoying the chemistry between the cast members; how the writers tie the various plot lines together; how all that works to tie viewers to their world. You know how that goes. Research. Or maybe you don't work this way. Could it be that this is my own peculiarity? Naw.