Saturday Morning Reflection

Saturday Morning

This has been a hard week for me - appointments, farewells, surprise attacks etc.
You know - one of those tough weeks.

To escape I dove into some heavy Netflix movie binge-ing .  Someday I hope I will learn to remember that there is no escaping -best to stay focused. Probably even better is to identify priorities and stay with them.

So here it is - Saturday Morning - my alarm pushed me out of the bed before 7 am when I really wanted to hunker down deeper under my covers.

This is the Saturday I have been looking forward to --- the Saturday I am telling stories out of town - -  have you noticed - even the things we love have "to do" lists attached.

And to keep life going as you want it to - you have to continually keep building "to do" lists -

As I wind-up one list today - there are others pending with new items jumping on as I spin around.

* Follow-up for a summer gig request that came yesterday.
* Submit the info for a June show before bedtime tonight.
* Read the Fringe information I received yesterday - including my venue assignment and show dates.

--> Life sometimes feels like a Merry-Go-Round.

But - even in my earliest memories - the Merry-Go-Round has always been my favorite carnival ride.

It still is.

Hopkins Med School Reunion - 2011

I can almost hear Jim saying, " Just enjoy it, Ellouise."

Miss his good advice as well as his hugs.

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