Another Day - D

Right now there is a blogging challenge happening - write every day in alphabetical order. I have signed on and done this in past years, actually meant to sign on this year, but let the opportunity slip by. In many ways that is fortunate for me - not to be tied to another obligation right now.
So - I am going to try to stay in the game without signing on officially - just wandering along as best I can.


D - is for death.

I seem surrounded by death lately, but then aren't we all - especially after we enter our seventies and keep trucking on. I was laughing with a friend the other day saying, " I used to stock up on birthday cards - these days I stockpile sympathy cards."

My mother lived to be 94. After she passed 80 she was living in a retirement community. People were dropping like flies around her all the time. I was surprised when she became very blase about it. Now I understand. It wasn't that she was blase - she was numb.

A younger, well-loved guy died suddenly, unexpectedly in our area recently. People were numbed by the shock of the loss. For those in the younger crowd the reality of it probably slammed them hard. From the sidelines, I too cried for him and wanted to shake my fist at God. But I find that since Jim's death and with the addition of age I also end up thinking some inane cliche like Their time ran out and then wonder how my own sand is doing.

This is Easter  - a time when Christians grieve collectively--- and then rejoice at Christ's resurrection...
which is our Hope.
Arlington Cemetery, Washington, DC

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