Hiding Your Broken Heart

Another Anne Lamott Quote

Found this jpeg nesting on my computer desktop where I had copied it weeks ago to make sure I kept it. Ah - an H for today's blog - Hiding your Broken Heart!

When I was a child I loved to play Hide and Seek and was very skilled at picking out excellent spots to hide. I rarely got tagged.

Recently I sat down with someone who is battling a serious illness and I was amazed at her ability to slide right under give-away hurdles when she feels her secret is threatened. Her hiding skills are fairly new but they are graceful and impressive. I bet she was marvelous at Hide and Seek when she was a kid.

Three years since Jim died.  I have learned that - as Anne Lamott says- you can live with a broken heart and gradually you get better and better at hiding it.

I notice that on good days I have moved from staggering to hopping to limping. On not so good days - well I get tagged.

Aren't we all hiding something?

How about you?