A B C - to try and catch up.


Right now there is a blogging challenge happening - write every day in alphabetical order. I have signed on and done this in past years, actually meant to sign on this year, but let the opportunity slip by. In many ways that is fortunate for me - not to be tied to another obligation right now.

So - I am going to try to stay in the game without signing on officially - just wandering along as best I can.

A - is for Apple

I used to think of APPLE as a delicious red skinned fruit that grows on trees lined up in rows in large orchards.

Today I know that I am owned by APPLE - and you would know that too if you were near me and saw how I tote Apple products around with me -
an iPhone
an iPod
an iPad
and an Apple lap top.

I am depedent on Apple to do my work and to keep in touch with the word through the internet and social media. Oh, did I say  - I LOVE everything Apple.

B - is for bad-ass.

This bad-assedness has been creeping up for a while but it was more like occasonal blurts - now its in full swing and I just don't hold back.
I will tell it straight and give my opinion freely. It's like I am tired of being nice.

For instance:
I had some medical tests recently and the receptionist told me they would call me with the results. I balked. "No, I don't want you to do that. Call my doctor - you know. the one who referred me here - let her tell me the results." They balked. " I am not a medical professional - What if I cannot understand what your person tells me. No, I want the report to come through my doctor." We argued a bit but they finally understood that I meant it. By the way - they did call my doctor and she called me with the results. The news was good fortunately but what if it had not been?

Without my late husband, Jim, a doctor, at my elbow I feel vulnerable in the medical world - and I have learned to speak up on my own behalf. However, to some - that makes me a bad-ass pain-in-the-neck.

C- is for CANCER.
This one is simple. I hate CANCER. It is a bad-ass disease.

That is about all I have to say tonight. I want to learn to keep posts shorter as a respect for my and your time.

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