Video: Seed of a Story

By way of introducing you to how I decided to create my new show - not the opening of the show. People often ask me, "where do you find your stories?" For me its a simple answer - I live them. But there are often glimmers of inspiration or small seeds that sprout into stories. In the case of my new one-woman show, Arlington National Cemetery: My Forever Home - the story began while I was sitting beside my husband's grave in Arlington. I know my husband Jim is not surprised by this story ... and that he would approve. The show is part of the 2013 Carpital Fringce. There are 5 shows - July 11, July 13, July 18, July 21 and July 26. I hope you will visit the Fringe website for more information and to buy your tickets.
This video is excerpted from a recent Stories in Time show on Montgomery Municipal Cable TV

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