A Bit of Adjusting

Happy Birthday, Jim.

Jim has been prominently on my mind all day - not that he is not on my mind every day.

I made my usual Wednesday visit to Arlington yesterday and I am really glad I did - because I could not have gone today.

This was a memorable day - with a storm that sped through the DC area this afternoon. High winds, lots of rain and warnings. And later destruction.

Early in the day as storm warnings brewed I cancelled a taping of my TV show and then followed Jim's usual storm-drill:  check the batteries in the camp lights because we often lose power, fill the gas tank in the car and bring in a bit of food to eat if I can't cook. My daughter Karen came over and stacked the deck furniture.  Then - the dog and cat and I were ready to sit out the storm.

While I was out and about on my "survival" errands I stopped for lunch at Einstein's - our favorite local bagel shop. Sitting at our usual table by the large front plate glass window I enjoyed a "traditional lox and bagel" sandwich which we often ordered here.

Its a pleasant and comforting place for me because I am surrounded by memories of other times we have spent together there: after Italian class, making lists and plans, stopping between errands, reading or kibitzing with friends from the neighborhood. Scribbling in my journal today I thought of other stories that had started right there.  I talked them over with Jim. I miss that - his in-put,  his
support and encouragement, his interest  - mostly I just miss being with him.

The storm came and went and so far I don't see any damage in our yard but hearing all the warnings of felled trees and flooded roads I decided to stay home rather than attend the 5:30 pm Mass which was "for" Jim on his birthday. The priest lives across the street so I knew he would keep the Mass Schedule without me and other family members in the pew.

And, I knew that if he had been here Jim would have said,
"we will adjust". So - I did.

I am grateful Jim's sayings, bits of advice and wisdom pop up at just the right moment to help me keep my balance.... by "adjusting".


Ronda B said...

Happy Birthday, Jim!


When I read about Jim I feel as if I knew him. You and Jim are blessed to have had a great love affair and relationship in equality and respect. Am I correct that he is still with you, still nurturing and encouraging your life's work? I have no experience of that, a love so real. But your writing allows me a sweet and savorytaste. I am grateful to Susan Gordon for introducing me to you.