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Every year I enjoy the new temporary art painted on the wall in the box office - reception area of 'Fort Fringe" at the Capital Fringe Headquarters downtown DC.

I call this portrait "Fringe Wall Head". It reminds me of a folktale man in the moon - or a ventriloquist's dummy - once you notice how the door panel frames the side of his mouth.

My eyes were wide open - rather like that head on the wall - when I walked into the room dripping a bit from the rain outside. I had just driven over an hour in blinding rain and dramatic lightning flashing across the DC sky over the Capitol ahead of me followed by thunder rumbling and I was not wearing a thunder-coat. 

I was delivering promo cards like this one for my show "Arlington National Cemetery: My Forever Home" - hoping someone would pick one up, be intrigued and come to my show which opens July 11 the first day of the fringe.

But THIS is the catch that has me chewing my nails:

My show opens on the first day of the Fringe.

THURDAY July 11 at 6:15 pm on Seventh Street downtown DC. at the deliciously airconditioned and comfortable Goethe Institut - INFO HERE 

THIS is my question - - will anyone come at 6:15 PM P.M. on a work day?that time??????

This is what I am picturing - performing my show in a 90 seat screening room for one person - the reviewer.

How about it?
Do you or do you know someone who works downtown in DC and would like to see a heart-warming and touching story with an "Our Town" sensibility about the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery.

The people who told me the stories I have collaged into this story are alive although they are talking to me about those who are not ... most who lost their lives in the service of the Country - i.e. for us.

People who have seen the show say, "It's a must see."

Please help me spread the word.

Come yourself. Tell your friends.

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United 4 Equality said...


Take some cards to the Women's War Memorial and ask if you can leave them at their information desk when you are down visiting Jim. I would drop some at NIH and the various agencies of the armed services also - DOD, DVA, VA, etc... Your story is wonderful, unique and I think folks will come!