Finding Granny in an Old Film.

Looking back through my stuff today I found a film I made ten years ago about my grandmother, her mother and my mother for a show, Digital Glimpses,  that Lucy Blankstein and I showed at Gallery 10 in DC and then at the DC Art-o-Matic.

Ellie Hall wearing Gus Keasler's football sweater. Circa 1913

For years I have added my grandmother to my art work. In this film I digitally altered old photos of her at different ages wearing hats of the era.  Stored in my studio is a paper quilt that I pieced from a selection of these altered hat photos. I particularly like the hat with the big white feather.

This is not a great film but I am glad to have it for my genealogy and family records - for my family. All the quotes are my mother's words taken from interviews over the years that I taped when prying her childhood memories loose. She dearly loved her Grandmother and outside of Mama's words  we have no first-hand information about Alice Shaffer Hall.

Considering that I was a neophyte at computer movie-making programs I still think this was a pretty good effort. Yep, I am keeping it.

Maybe my less than perfect effort will spark your ideas if you want to share/keep your family story. 

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